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Inspired, dedicated, focused and enthusiastic. We are Steve Zedd, a digital marketing agency focused on you and your success. We are Partners. Buddies. Family.
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Who the *beep* is Steve Zedd?

Hello. My name is Stefan Zivaljevic, aka Steve Zedd. Now I know what you must be thinking: “What a pretentious dude with a weird sense of humor“.

Well, I don’t blame ya. But hear me out.

In early 2018, I decided to start this agency with the hope of delivering a proper Digital Marketing to businesses and educating them on the subject so they too can use the immense power of the Digital channels. Especially today, when everyone is calling themselves “Guru” or an “Expert” when in fact they are just misleading business owners by overpromising on their results. This can alienate honest business owners from using the digital services ever again.

After years of experience in the Digital Marketing world, and being Google’s Partner due to the success of delivering constant results for my clients, I wanted to continue providing amazing services while building a brand name, one that can be recognized not as an expert one, but as an ethic and trustworthy one. I invite you to join me on this journey so together we do some amazing things. Cheers!

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